I Choose a Healthy Future

Statement of Purpose

“The iChoose campaign has been initiated to empower people with a heightened awareness about their role in choosing and delivering a healthy future.”

We believe by focusing our attention on the transformative power of individual choices on a day to day basis collectively we can set a new course towards a healthy future on earth.


The long term vision for the movement is to encourage an inter-connected network of self-regenerating communities, which thrive socially, economically, and environmentally because of the collective choices being made day to day by their inhabitants.

Which future will you choose?

The current situation resembles a giant freight train out of control with well established but highly damaging industries unable to stop even when they are failing to make any sort of return. Meanwhile weather extremes are worsening, every country around the earth is facing fresh water emergencies, extinction levels are reaching unprecedented levels and preventable diseases are reaching epidemic levels.

We’re encouraged to have children and yet our environmental policies do not safeguard the planet for future generations. Instead our government policies reward polluting industries, and can only look forward to the next three years. Those future generations, our children, are at the mercy of our mismanagement as land guardians and they will have to deal with the preventable disasters that will come.

These systems we have supported and the society we are creating are not sustainable. It’s time to change our course!

Many people are embracing hybrid cars, solar power, organic food and many other initiatives such as local food production. In our area we are fortunate that alternative power production is being developed with wind and solar farms, it’s a far better alternative to an open cut coal mine with all the associated health and ecological problems for the communities around them.

It’s up to all of us to make a difference and every voice counts.

Restoring Earth Documentary

Produced and Directed by James Sherwood & Danielle Ryan of Bluebottle Films, Restoring the Earth investigates how the escalation of land clearing in Queensland and NSW is harming our fragile ecosystems, locking us into water shortages and contributing to soil degradation.

Complementing the iChoose mission, the film explores how land managers can contribute to a healthier future for the generations to follow by adopting alternative approaches and methods in their operations. The film also examines how the buying choices of consumers can influence food production practices.

The underlying message of the film is the need for landholders and consumers to work with nature, not against it.

Watch the Trailer

Watch the whole movie

Bob Hawke Land Care Award

As part of his nomination for the Bob Hawke Land Care Award in 2016, in this video Glenn Morris explains some of the land management techniques he employed when he started at Fig Tree Organic Farms.

He describes the use of swales and sills to impede valuable water run-off and aid soil hydration. This technique is complimented by boosting humus levels in the soils so as to increase the soils capacity to hold water.

Glenn is passionate about the effects of destructive land management and it's contribution to climate change and highlights the importance of all individuals making choices for the benefit of future generations.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Morris on Contact Us